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You can find more photos of the lock and surrounding area contained within the 'Latest News' page. I thought it best to leave them there rather than duplicate them here.

Photos of the Lock - Other photos in links on right —>

A lot of our traffic is narrowboats either heading upstream from ( or downstream to ) Brentford or Limehouse, which are the gateways to the BW canal system from the tideway .... here is a busy day in the Launch Lock.

The barge lock at Teddington is the largest on the non-tidal Thames (650 feet long by 25 feet wide) , very rarely do we use the whole length of it, mainly using the top half , however on a Bank Holiday weekend we may elect to use the whole length if we have cruising clubs booked in or outbound. Here you can see we are filling it with boats ready to lock them up .....

And here you can see we have filled it with boats , 28 of them ( all narrowboats , leaving the Thames after the IWA festival at Beale Park ) , this photo was taken at about 7.45 am , just before we locked them downstream . Most were destined for Brentford , and I imagine the Brentford lock keeper had his work cut out when they all arrived in one go !

We have all sorts of traffic through the lock at Teddington, ranging from a houseboat being delivered - (It just fitted !)

To a classic lifeboat en-route to a rally,

We've even seen a yellow submarine !

During the day when the tide is not rising or falling, most of our traffic is the pleasure boats that 'trip' between Richmond , Kingston and Hampton Court. In this picture you can see one of the more more traditional ones , the ' Yarmouth Belle ' , built in the late 1890's and restored by Turks in 1989 , she can regularly be seen with scores of daytrippers on board . She is skippered by 'Crazy' Paul Jordan ....

Two Environment Agency tugs , 'Falconbrook' and 'Ver' on their way back upstream .

A few years ago we had a visit from the Dutch and UK dukw societies .... 38 of them in all .... they came upstream from Putney and exited the river at Walton...(photo © Rod Schmidt - head lock-keeper)


Occasionally , if someone is injured in the area, the London Air Ambulance will put down on the lock island , we have to clear a large circle of lawn and make sure that there is nothing around that could get sucked into the rotors...... (photo © Rod Schmidt - head lock-keeper)

Every so often , we have a visit from a seal or two at Teddington , they mill around for a while catching fish , and then head downstream and back to sea .... I have edited a close up into the main photo.... (photo © Rod Schmidt - head lock-keeper)

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