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Maps and Links

A Map of Businesses and Services in Teddington.

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A. 'The Boat Shop' (Chandlers+moorings) 0208 977 9978       B. 'The Anglers' (Riverside pub)

C. 'The Tide End Cottage' (Pub)                                   D. 'The Wharf Restaurant' 0208 977 6333

E. 'Teddington Tandoori' (Takeaway only) 0208 977 5593         F. 'Sammys Bar' (Bar)

G. 'Trattoria Sorrento' (Italian rest.) 0208 977 4757                 H. 'Retro' (French rest.)

I. 'China Garden' (Takeaway only) 0208 943 3123                     J. 'The Kings Head' (Pub)

K. 'M & S' (Foodshopping)                                           L. 'Thai smiles' (Thai rest.) 0208 943 9553

M. 'Post Office'                                                                            N. 'Chemist'

O. 'HSBC Bank' (Has cashpoint)                                                  P. 'Budgens' (Supermarket)

Q. 'Lloyds TSB Bank'                                                                  R. ' The Teddington Arms' (Pub)

S. 'Chez Gerard' (Coffee shop/ Rest)                                                  T. 'The Vinery' (Cafe)

U. 'Natwest Bank' (Has cashpoint)                      V. 'Pizza Express' (Italian rest.) 0208 943 3553

W. 'The Park' (Bar & Hotel) 0208 614 9700                            X. 'Barclays Bank' (Has cashpoint)

Y. 'Woolworths ( closed down )'                                                                         Z. 'Tesco'

Teddington has a lot more restaurants , shops and services , I have just highlighted the nearest / most useful ones to Teddington Lock. Why not have some fun exploring Teddington itself ? .....

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