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A winter sunrise viewed looking upstream from the bullnose in the head lock cut.....

A grim winters day looking down the lock island alongside the barge lock.

A sunny summers evening overlooking The Wharf restaurant and development.

Teddington by night ......

Henry, our resident grey heron waiting for his breakfast in the rain.

A storm front approaching from the north west.

The lock island in its full glory (It is down to the hard work of the lock-keepers that it is kept like this !) , it's a very different scene to the winter lock island shown above !

In the summer months as the sun rises after a cool night we can suddenly get a thick fog descend at Teddington, this one formed from a perfect clear morning to this in about 10 minutes  !

Friday afternoon/evening of the 28th July , Teddington was hit by the worst deluge i have ever seen ! The head river level rose by 6 inches in 1 1/2 hours .....

Later in the evening, a wonderful sunset followed !

On Thursday the 7th September 2006, a comparatively rare event took place , a ' Level ' .... where the tide on the downstream side of the lock equals the height of the water on the upstream , and the river begins to flow backwards . Here you can see both sets of gates open with the water (and the traffic ) free-flowing . This can make our life easier and harder all in one go, as while we don't have to operate the lock , we do have to keep our wits about us for potential collisions and to make sure we catch the turning of the tide or severe damage could occur to the lock gates ...

A big tide in late October 2006..... 

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