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Navigation Information - scroll down for info and useful EA , BW and PLA links. 

River and Canal Navigation Links  

    EA Links :-

Check for Flood Warnings in the area before you leave :-

  • Or choose your area from the national EA flood warnings main page :- Click Here


   BW Link to new Thames VHF rules :-

VHF Requirements on the Thames - Click Here 

     PLA Links :-

Tide Tables :-

Tide Tables - Click Here

You will need Acrobat Reader to view the tables, it can be downloaded for free from the PLA's website , just click on the yellow 'Get Acrobat Reader' box. 

Notices to Mariners : -

Notices to Mariners - Click Here

Recreational Users Guide :-

Recreational Users Guide - Click Here

Journey times downstream and some tips :-  

If you are arriving at Teddington Lock in a narrowboat and are looking to head downstream to Brentford or Limehouse please bear the following points in mind. 

  • We have overnight moorings available at the lock for £5.50 a night, so you can get there the night before and familiarise yourself with the layout of the locks and come and see us for a chat about departure times etc. (before going to the pub ......) 
  • Try to arrive at Teddington approx ½ hour before High Water Teddington ( not London Bridge) This will mean that by the time we have locked you through, you should be entering the tideway at slack water more or less. We recommend that narrowboats use the ebb tide to take them downstream as they just aren’t made to ‘punch’ the tide(although there will be exceptions).  
  • Brentford Lock is about 1 ¼ hours downstream of Teddington. Their opening hours are 0800 to 1800 in the summer and 0800 to 1600 in the winter. If you are going to arrive outside of these times you must have pre-booked 24 hours in advance or you might have to spend some time on the pontoon outside. 
  • Limehouse Lock is about 3 ½ hours downstream of Teddington. The opening hours are the same as Brentford, and the pre-booking advice is the same. If you arrive at Limehouse and the keepers have gone home, the pontoon outside is a miserable place to spend any amount of time believe me !


  • High water at Teddington is approx 1 hour after High water at London Bridge except for when we are in BST when it is 2 hours. So , for example :- HW@London Bridge 1400hrs = HW@Teddington 1600hrs ( 1 hour for the tide to reach Teddington and 1 hour for BST)

  • When heading downstream always take into account the journey times as they can vary by up to ½ hour depending on how busy we are at the lock or how busy the river below us is. Always leave enough time to complete your journey safely. A night out on the tideway moored to a rubbish barge , a buoy or a bucking pontoon is no fun at all. If HW Teddington is 1645 hrs then you have a pretty good chance of making it into Brentford by 1800  hrs ( a phone call can help! ) but if HW Teddington is not until 1715 hours then you probably wont make it and have a night out on the pontoon to look forward to !

  • If in doubt, or if you haven’t done the journey before, then err on the side of caution, there are some nice pubs in Teddington !


  • As always , if you need any advice or clarification , just give the lock keepers at Teddington a buzz.

  • Teddington Lock – 0208 940 8723

  • Brentford Lock – 0208 568 2779

  • Limehouse Lock – 0207 308 9930

  • London VTS - 0208 855 0315 

Heading Upstream from Brentford or Limehouse ?

  •  Do not enter the Barge lock just because you see it is open. The Launch lock is more suitable for smaller private craft, but is out of sight from the main channel to the right of the lock island on which the signals are placed.

  • Contrary to every guide book i have seen so far ( River Thames book , Imray guide etc. ) we do not have the flashing crosses and arrows any more (these were replaced about 10 years ago, so it shows how often the guides are updated!) We now have simple RED and GREEN traffic lights for each lock. Watch the lights and you won't go far wrong !!

  • A lay-by for mooring, to await lock opening is provided on the island between the signals and the Launch lock. If we are really busy, please be prepared to moor up , raft out or mill about below the lock. However, when there is not much traffic it may be necessary to moor up and politely tell the lock keeper that you are waiting to pass through the lock, as they may be busy elsewhere on the island or in the office issuing licences .... do not sit outside tooting your horn as this will just annoy the lock-keepers ....

  •  Any craft not registered with the EA will need to be licensed before they may go upstream of Teddington. Visitors licenses may be purchased from the lock keeper, who will either sort out the paperwork while you are locking up or, more likely will ask you to moor up on the lay-by once through the lock and walk back to the office once you have had a cup of tea. This will give us time to clear the traffic and be in a position to issue you your licence. If you walk back immediately on a busy day, chances are you will have a long wait as we will be locking boats up and down like mad. Much better to wait on your boat (with a drink) than on the lock side , unless you like watching boats of course !

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