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2004 / 2005

Goings on in 2004 / 2005

Only a few things recorded here as I was new to the job and didn't start documenting anything properly until mid 2005 .....

April 2005 - Dave / Davina the duck is discovered alone in the barge lock approx. 1 day old. She is taken in and brought up to adulthood by the lock keepers and then released. Here she is the night we found her, the overhead spotlamp is to keep her warm, later we added a mop head (to simulate a mother duck) for her to get under at night !

Here is Davina in her first run, that she quickly outgrew ! Each night she was ushered into the box that we built for her and brought inside to protect her from the cold and the foxes that come onto the island at night.

This is Davina in her final run, by now she was living outside all the time, and was set free shortly after this photo was taken, she has since returned to the lock (Early June 2006) and is still seen in the area.

November 2004 - The bullnose on the launch lock , that had become dilapidated is repointed and resurfaced with concrete with any rotten brickwork cut away and fixed. Here you can see the huge concrete pump truck reaching over the lock.

October 2004 - The new head lay by is finished at a cost of £1.5 million , this will make it easier for boats overnighting to moor , the rough stone bank has been done away with and replaced with a timber capped concrete walkway, with risers on the piles and heavy duty bollards.

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2004 / 2005