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Goings on in 2006

29th November 2006 - The Christmas lights at Teddington are turned on , we're too cheap to hire a celebrity to do it , so they were turned on by me ! All we need now is some snow for a picture postcard ....

27th November 2006 - Teddington Lifeboat is called to assist with an incident at Twickenham Bridge , this is the boat and crew returning to station.

26th November 2006 - The 'draw off' ends with a bang ! We enter strong stream conditions and display the red boards. Currently on the 29th November we have 9 radial gates drawn, 2 1/2 ft on each of the roller sluices, 1 flap gate drawn and all the other gates at crest giving a total daily flow of almost 4 1/2 billion gallons.

29th October 2006 - The 'draw-off' begins on the morning tide , because we are on neaps at the moment, we only lose approx. 2 feet of water (levelling out at 7' 11" instead of normal level of about 10' 0") but next week beginning 1st November 2006 , the water will fall much lower , possibly even down to 5' 0" depending on the river conditions. 

The side of the skiff lock ... you can see the normal low water level on the rubbing timbers on the wall ...

The 9 inlets for the culvert sluice on the launch lock ... you can see the normal water level mark , here we have lost about 4/5 feet of water off normal levels.

Here you can see the exit tunnel for the downstream culvert sluice on the launch lock , when something gets jammed in the tunnel , the EA divers sometimes have to swim through the underwater tunnel to find the obstruction ! Once again, you can see the normal water level would be just below the egress steps ...

25th October 2006 - Boats from downriver start arriving at Teddington. They come to seek refuge from the 'draw-off' , where their normal moorings would cause them to go aground when the water flows away. The EA issue a special draw off permit to these boats. Before long , the moorings are full.

19th October 2006 - The gates arrive by barge and are re-fitted , shown here without the walkways re-installed, they will go on in the next couple of days.

Back to back on the barge...

Back where they belong ...

Just the walkways to bolt back on ... note the hydraulic ram in the top right corner of the picture , they have a big job to do. Each gate weighs 9 tons. Imagine trying to open a door with your little finger in the top corner of the hinge side as opposed to the lock side, that's how tough it is !

7/8/9/10th October 2006 - Some very large tides this week at Teddington , topping 19 feet on 5 occasions , with 1 closure of the Thames Barrier on the PM tide of the 8th (scheduled , not emergency)

9th October 2006 - The ram is reinstalled after having been refurbished, the barge lock is now halfway back to being operational again. Just the gates to be reinstalled now. We will have to give it a coat of paint come the spring as it has been a bit bashed about while being refurbished. Now that we have got most of our summer bedding out, the pots you can see will be planted with tulips next week ready for spring !

29th September 2006 - We are now a broadband 'hot-spot' !! A company called MyHotZone (www.myhotzone.com) has installed wi-fi equipment at the lock, it should have a range of approximately 200 m . The cost is £5 per day or £15 per week. See their site for more details. Boat users and people in the surrounding area should be able to use it as of this week !!

W/C 25th September 2006 - The new concrete is poured and levelled before being left to dry. The ram should be re-installed in early October.

15th September 2006 - The Head culvert sluice on the Barge Lock is taken out for repairs to the concrete surround, a large scaffold is erected and it is removed, work then starts on breaking out the concrete base of the sluice.

11th September 2006 - The Barge Lock Head Gates are taken off to be re-sheeted , they were placed onto a barge to be towed upstream to Sunbury Yard to have the work done on them . We expect to have them back in 3-4 weeks , so until then , the Barge Lock is effectively out of action ....

Unbolting the gates ....

Getting ready to lift .....

Gently does it ......

Ready to lower onto the barge ....


The same day we had a giant tide (7.66m) later on in the afternoon, here we can see it overtopping the lock sides. Although it looks bad, it's nothing to worry about really .... it would take a much higher water level to cause any problems .... I have inserted a smaller photo into this one to show the height of the tide ( 19 feet 2 inches ) ...

August 2006 - The IWA festival is taking place in Beale Park at the end of the month , narrowboat traffic has increased accordingly .... We are seeing up to 20/25 a day entering the Thames heading upstream , so it should be a good turn out...  Here are some of the entrants ...

19th July 2006 (UPDATE) - Hmmmmm..... the Egyptian Geese appear to have lost all 7 of their babies , so i guess we won't be having more Egyptian Geese this year .... shame.....

Mid June 2006 - The Egyptian Geese that were nesting on the lock island have had babies (7 of them)  , as Egyptian Geese are relatively rare on the Thames, we will be keeping an eye on them and hope they all survive, although realistically i expect about 3 will reach adulthood. They are very shy but i have managed to get a picture of them ... they are the brown and grey geese in the centre of the picture, with the babies between them , surrounded by Canada Geese !

Sunday 18th June 2006 - The third Teddington River Festival !! Once again, a huge success. There is a seperate folder of pictures in on the 'Photo Gallery' page.

Late May 2006 - The flowers have arrived ! The lower Thames locks are sponsored by Squires Garden Centres(www.squiresgardencentres.co.ukwe put our orders in by early January for the following summer.

Late April 2006 - The painting of the footbridge over the lock cut and the suspension bridge over the weir stream is completed after 5 months of shotblasting, bad weather, priming , undercoating, bad weather, top coating and finishing...... and it looks great !! Here is the suspension bridge in all its new painted glory... apologies for the delay in uploading this, i have been waiting for an opportunity to take a photo without crowds of people on it , and i got my chance at 5.50 am the other day !

January 2006 - Following discussions with the EA, we have decided to put the back beds and sundial bed (that are normally formal bedding) to shrub. This is to try and reduce the watering requirements of the gardens in light of the forthcoming drought. Once again, all the shrubs were supplied by Squires , they were planted by the lock-keepers and a mulch of shredded bark put down to further reduce evaporation. This photo was taken in June, after the shrubs had established themselves. You can just see the sundial bed halfway down the island. There is a photo of how it looked previously on the 'Lock Photos' page.

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