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Goings on in 2007

13th December 2007 - The middle gates on the barge lock are lifted off, they are put onto a barge to be taken upriver. They will be replaced with steel ones soon. This work is being done in-house by the EA.

Here they are leaving Teddington for the last time.

12th December 2007 - The contractors are storming along with the lock island project . It still looks like a battlefield, but things are starting to come together now. Our new launch lock tail layby and floating pontoons are installed and the revetment behind them is being laid at a good pace.

1st December 2007 - The Christmas Lights are turned on , it's hard to photograph them because of all the machinery around at the moment, but they look pretty much the same as last year ( See right - 2006 )

5th November 2007 - The work continues even though its dark by 5pm now ! It's as bright as a football ground here !!

4th November 2007 - Bonfire Weekend

Although strictly speaking, Guy Fawkes Night is tomorrow , there have been some fantastic displays going on around the area local to Teddington Lock.

Coincidentally , Bonfire Weekend is the same weekend as the start of the PLA Draw off for 2007.... We are on neaps at the moment so levels don't drop quite as dramatically as last year , but they will do come the middle of next week. The drop in the lock currently is about 13 feet.

Halloween ( 31st October 2007 ) - Well , the construction work has been going at a right old rate ! The pre-cast concrete blocks that will form the defence for the lower lock island are being delivered ready to be installed , and the first of the piles that will eventually support our new floating pontoons are being driven. There are a few obstructions just outside the lock , you can see them in the pictures, but they are well marked. You can also see that because the evenings are darker now that the clocks have gone back , the construction team has installed powerful floodlights to enable them to crack on.

Friday 12th October 2007 - Work is progressing well on the island, the metal walkway has been removed , and the work on the revetment has begun. The island is unrecognisable at the moment !

W/C Monday 17th September 2007 - Well, the barge lock has been bridged and we now have on the lock island several pieces of heavy machinery , and the site base is being constructed on the tarmac around the lock office . The grass that we worked so hard through the years to keep nice has been totally removed from half the island and the shrub beds have gone , at the moment , there is a 60 ton crane parked on top of them !! All a bit gutting , to be honest... But it will benefit the lock in the end. Anyway , here's some photos of work so far ...

W/C Monday 3rd September 2007 - The trucks start to roll in delivering supplies for the reconstruction of the lock island. This project is scheduled to take several months so there will be a good few updates over the coming period. First off , the fencing came in.

Already on site we have several portakabins , a 60 ton crane , a digger and several dumper trucks . The builders are currently in the process of bridging the barge lock with a bailey bridge in order to get their plant onto the island. Because of this, the barge lock is closed until further notice. There are intermittant closures of the towpath as well , with pedestrian traffic diverted onto the lock island at times. The lock island that everyone knows and loves is going to be a huge mess for a while , but it will all be worth it in the end.

Sunday 2nd September 2007 - The Duck Race at Hampton Court / Molesey Lock. While not strictly anything to do with Teddington Lock, It took place on the reach above us and successfully broke the world record for a duck race. 165,000 ducks raced between Molesey Lock and Thames Ditton. You can view pictures and read about the race by clicking Here .

Saturday 11th / Sunday 12th August - Well , finally we had some good weather . The lock was very busy this weekend with boaters and passenger boats. There was also a lot of people just watching the boats go by while enjoying an ice cream. The lock island was busy until the early evening with people sitting out on the back lawn because it was so mild .

Late July / Early August 2007 - Hmmmm , the visitors counter appears to have lost circa 5000 hits , i have spoken with the site hosts and they say there is nothing they can do about it ! We were on nearly 7800, it has now reverted to just over 2200 .... Oh well ....

Thursday 26th July 2007 - A very strong stream was running at Teddington. We have our red boards out and were advising all craft to moor up until the stream abates. You can see a video of the amount of water coming downstream by clicking HERE It's a bit dark because it was filmed in the early hours of the morning. The current in our weirstream was flowing at about 8 or 9 knots.

Wednesday 25th July 2007 - Due to the high flows on the Thames at the moment , we have several narrowboats sheltering in our lock cut having made the journey from either Brentford or Limehouse and finding conditions too much to go on. Here we have the crews of 'Senior Moment' and 'Bide Your Time' who came down to the lock for a chat. You can see some of the waiting narrowboats in the background. Photo © Brian Williams .

The Boat Shop at the bottom of Ferry Road was also flooded for the first time in at least 25 years . The river is on the other side of the wall on the right ! Photo © John Tough .

Friday 21st July 2007 - Zero to Red Boards in 15 Hours !

Some crazy weather was around for the Thames Valley on friday ! Starting at about 10.30am the heavens opened and the river responded accordingly. By 1.30am the next day we were on red boards and using our giant roller sluices for the first time since the winter !

Sunday 1st July 2007 - The Teddington River Festival takes place on the lock island, towpath and Manor Road recreation ground. There is a seperate folder of information , that can be found by clicking on the link in the column on the right.

W/C 4th June 2007 - Everyone is painting , as it's that time of year . We have an awful lot of things to be painted at Teddington Lock , and because we are south facing , the lock buildings and equipment recieve the worst of the weather. Hence why we have to go over everything each year.....

28th May 2007 - Just to add insult to injury, the washout that was the bank holiday weekend has produced enough rainfall ( over 50mm in some places ) to increase the river flow to the stage where we have to display our yellow warning boards . There will be some very wet and miserable boaters heading back home upstream and downstream on the tide today .

26th May 2007 - The last bank holiday in May is upon us. Traffic this weekend is expected to be heavy , 60+ boats left to go downstream this morning, and we have a similar amount scheduled to come upstream on the incoming tide. Below is a photo of the head lock cut taken by me this morning at 5.00am. It seems everyone has got the word about our new moorings and are taking full advantage of them to use as a staging point for their journey ( as well as giving them a bit of a lie in, being already nearly on the tideway!) A very different scene to the lock cut in February , that can be seen in the 'Winter' gallery on the Photo page . Even the goose was shocked !!

18th May 2007 - Well , 2007 has been a quiet year so far for us at the lock. Traffic started picking up over Easter, with a lot of boat clubs coming upriver and heading downstream too. This is all set to change soon though , we have our plants arriving on the 21st May (courtesy of Squires once again) , we have the River Festival taking place on 1st July , then a huge rebuilding of the lock island and tail layby begins the day after !! Leading into the winter months, there will be more construction taking place at the lock, with our lock-gates being replaced. So please do keep checking back , as we haven't forgotten about the site , it's just been quiet. Although there hasn't been many boats around, the lock-keepers have been very busy ! We have had numerous school visits , we have been repainting all the fixtures and fittings , cleaning and making new mounts for our numerous plaques , and getting the flower beds ready for planting . We have designed and built a trickle feed watering system for the front beds that will be fed by rainwater , to try and help us out if we experience another drought ! The lawn around the bare lock sluice has been relaid as well.

3rd March 2007 - Some very big tides this week , here we can see the tide receding over the boat rollers next to the skiff lock. The incoming tide has overtopped the weir, causing the headwater to become elevated very quickly. You can see what the boat rollers look like normally in the Photo Gallery under the heading 'Canoe Race.'

4th February 2007 - The Luzmore K2 canoe race takes place having been postponed from January due to adverse river conditions. There is a seperate section of photos on the 'Photo Gallery' page ...

24th January 2007 - In the early morning ( approx. 4.00am )  , we had a reasonable snowfall at Teddington. Roughly 1 1/2 inches fell in 2 hours and gave the lock island a very 'picture postcard' look.

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