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The Teddington River Festival

' The Teddington River Festival ' - This takes place once a year usually in June or July and we receive anything up to 15000 visitors on the day. It is run in conjunction with Teddington Lifeboat Station .....

Here you can get an idea of how many people come to visit the lock island to see the stalls , bars and bands.

People bring picnics and come and listen to the music and watch the events.

The Teddington Lifeboat performs displays throughout the day , and always gets a good reception from the crowd . Here it is about to 'rescue' two people who have fallen in ...

The band takes the stage .....

The Environment Agency flagship 'Windrush' was there on the day and was giving rides to members of the public. Normally it is only used for visiting dignitaries or State occasions. Here we can see it returning down the cut towards the lock. In the foreground is the 'Isis' , one of our patrol launches.

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River Festivals Past
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