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Here we have a selection of photographs of the Lock and surrounding area from days gone by. The photos form part of the Henry W Taunt and S W Rawlings collections that are part of English Heritages National Monuments Record. You can visit and search the NMR website by clicking Here . There is a huge amount of historic photographs and information on all areas of the UK.

This page has a lot of pictures , and may take a while to load if you are not on a broadband connection . Please be patient, it is well worth it.

All photographs reproduced by kind permission of English Heritage NMR.

Date taken 1945-1965.

Date taken 1945-1965. Looks like the steamer has just had a close shave !

Date taken 1945-1965.

Date taken 1945-1965.

Date taken 1945-1965 , the boathouse is still there.

Date taken 1945-1965.

Date taken 1870 . No bridges yet ....

Date taken 1883. Here you can see the old lock house that used to be part way between the lock and the bridge. It is long gone now ....

Date taken 1883.

Date taken 1880's. Looks like there is the ever present helpful lock-keeper ready to open the skiff lock.

Date taken 1883. Looking towards the launch lock from the lock island.

Date taken 1883.

Date taken 1883. The Anglers Hotel. The building on the right was demolished to make way for the bridge and drawdock.

Date taken 1883. The Anglers Hotel and their gardens. It is still there.

Date taken 1945-1965. Showing the old 'A Bay' which is long gone now. However , the roller sluices are still in place and operational.

Date taken 1945-1965 , showing the old weir.

Date taken 1945-1965. maybe even the same day as the photo above judging by the two people standing on the reef in the foreground !

Date taken 1945-1965. Same with this one , you can see their dog and bicycle in the foreground.

Date taken 1945-1965.

Date taken 1883. Long before the giant roller sluices were built. Looks like the majority of the weir was paddle and rymer.

Date taken 1883. Looks like the tide is up slightly , as you can't see the rocks that you can see in the photo above.

Date taken 1883. A barge coming down the lock cut , past the weir.

Date taken 1870. Three people are on the weir. They could either be lock-keepers or people crossing the river , as before the bridges were built across the lock cut and weirstream , this would have been the only place to cross for miles around.

Date taken 1870. The large wooden weir seen from the far riverbank.

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